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Makers of Picture Mounts,Strut Mounts and Folders to make you Smile.



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The Magical Art of cardboard "Smile Mounts"

Carters Mounts make picture mounts, strut mounts and folder mounts to present "The Pictures of Life" that will make you smile.
The people at Carters Mounts work with a smile. Every precious mount project is about presenting somebody's images well that everybody involved.. when they see the results ..just smiles.
The commissioning photographer, the artist, the mum, the dad whose work is presented in a clean, crystal sharp assembly with perfect corners cut by one of the leading workshops in the UK .. all smile .. there work .. shown to perfection.
Then the smile we would all like to see , the recipient , the image that you dreamed of , that shot , that cheeky grin .. there smile ..your images enhanced by the true experts in the industry ..35 years of experience making a difference, making a simple piece of cardboard super special..
A role call of people who smiled before you in 2015 and before were... the owners and trainers at Newmarket, the golfers at Celtic Manor , the athletes at The Paralympics , the cricketers at Lords in the England v New Zealand Test teams. In 2015 these people smiled at moments when they were happy ... and Carters Mounts and the talented people who commission the work ..still busy beavering away in the workshops making "smile mounts"..perhaps it's time for your images to "smile" ... David Carter 015395 32815 the first smiley step.
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Thank you for your interest in our picture mount and photo products. Please contact us directly on 015395 32815 if you feel that we may be able to help with a particular picture mount or photo mount project. Thank you.
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