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Carters Mounts make picture mounts, strut picture mounts and folder picture mounts to present your "Pictures of Life ".

The quality and uniqueness of Carters strut and folder picture mount assemblies facilitated there usage in The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, The Paralympics, The Celtic Manor/ Ryder Cup course, The Royal and Ancient 2012 and companies such as BlackBerry, HTC, Euler Hermes, BHS, UCL and the RAF
  • The benefits that accrue to you with using a Carters picture mount assembly are many ... here are a possible few ....

  • If you have spent hours and hours getting "that shot" or dealt with a day of happy beaming faces in the school hall who are determined to stick there tongue out just at that moment or even a crowd of slightly intoxicated people hell bent on doing something outrageous then maybe a Carters strut or folder picture mount assembly is the perfect way to show mum and dad or the rest of the office just how "good" they were. Perfect pictures deserve perfect presentation.... a Carters Picture Mount....

  • Your customer has picture mounts from Carters with sharp clean edges, custom cut . No more wavy edges that have been cut with a man wielding stanley knife .. Carters Mounts use a computerised cutter that makes the Stanley knife comparable to cutting board with a toothbrush.

  • The quality of the picture mount board is white core, acid free delivered fresh every other day from a UK board mill . No more board that goes brown after six months and which runs away from every shaft of sunlight that fades its colour. Carters Picture Mount assemblies love the open glory of the mantelpiece, the sideboard and carry a government health warning not to shut in a dusty drawer.

  • The quality of the finish, the curves of a Carters Picture Mount J Stut the sweeping arc of the C Strut .. impress, unusual..unique finishes to die for that are only available from Carters.. do we all want silver lined thin board without a crisp white bevel ............ fortunately not.. try a Carters Mount Curve ....

  • The list could go on and on ... at the end of the day your images are "The Pictures of Life" .. your life , somebody elses's life .. all of meaning, a point in time, recorded for all or just a precious few to see.. a Carters Picture Mount mount you should never see , the picture is the key .. but the quality, the uniqueness , the care and attention to detail that all these Carters structures undergo will always mean that your pictures , your images will always be presented in the best possible way... the only way .. a Carters Mount.

  • Finally, if you place an order during March with a minimum value of 57.50p ( excluding VAT and delivery) and use the legendary phrase "I'd love a Carters Picture Mount C Strut " either by phone or by e mail we will give you 10% off the value of the order.
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Thank you for your interest in our picture mount and photo products. Please contact us direct if you feel that we may be able to help with a particular picture mount or photo mount project. Thank you.
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