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Invisible but Essential..A Carters Mount..

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Carters Mounts make the very best picture assembly mounts. Today the 12 th May a very special group of people will receive such a Carter's Mount assembly at The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle by way of a "Thank You" ...

Each single mount or mount assembly is cut to order on some of the most advanced computerised machines available ensuring pinpoint accuracy and consistent quality.
A Simple rule applies in Carter's workshops. If you as the image maker have spent time and trouble getting "that shot" or making " that image " the least we can do is try to provide a way of showing it off to impressive advantage better than anybody else.
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A role call of people who smiled at a simple piece of cardboard made into a Picture Mount in 2015 ...
  • the owners and trainers at Newmarket
  • the golfers at Celtic Manor
  • the athletes at The Paralympics
  • the cricketers at Lords in the England v New Zealand Test teams
In and before 2015 these people smiled at pictorial moments when they were happy, on the day.
In Years to Come they will smile again as a Carters Picture Mount continues to present the images of another year.
Thank you for your interest in our picture mount products. Please contact us directly on 015395 32815 if you feel that we may be able to help with the presentation of a particular picture mount or photo mount project. Thank you.
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