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Your Price: £2.29
14 x 11/ 12 x 8 double picture mount
Part Number: dm14111208black
Availability: Stock made to order-48hrs
Feature: Acid Free Both top and bottom mounts cut the same size
Feature: Mounts are glued together with a 5mm site line
Feature: Supplied with a clear self seal bag
Feature: Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.
Effective mid sized double mount for class smiles !

Nice 14 x11 12 x 8 print size double mount in black and white , super size for those class sizes that are just a wee too big to fit in the smaller print sizes where facial recognition is impossible. This way a nice assembly as possible and yes it's possible to see everybody.
Made from stiff eco friendly mountboard sourced in the UK mounts are computer cut same size and glued together to form a deeper mount with a little more drama than the standard but very useful single mount. Supplied with a clear plastic bag.

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