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Your Price: £4.99
White Heart shaped picture mount, white and red scalloped overlays
Part Number: heartwhite1
Availability: in stock sold in PACKS OF 2
Feature: Acid Free Bevel Cut with A BACK
Feature: Made in the uk from mountboard
Feature: Supplied with a clear self seal bag
Feature: Courier £3.99 delivered total order, -well packed and protected
"Picture a Symbol of Your Heart"

A small desirable red and white 5" x 6" "Heart Mount" sold in packs of three each complete with a little stand alone strut made up of interesting cut out shapes to create depth and interest . Size is 6" x 5" with the heart cut out 2.75" wide at the widest point and 3" high.
Perfect as an inexpensive gift to a close family member or loved one to symbol that very special feeling.

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