Black picture mount folder with Foiling for photos


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Part Number:fms1411A4landblack


3 panels glued and hinged, not folded


Photograph inserts from either side


Can be hotfoil printed with logos


Delivered by courier after manufacture £3.99
This is a good size for the mid print image sizes popular today. Cartersmounts make two aperture sizes, this one A4 and the other one for 12 X 8 a particularly good option.
Made from cut pieces of mountboard, the aperture is white, bevel cut and provides a nice clean sharp visual line around the image.
By using this the familiar gold or silver lines you see arounf square cut folder corners acn be avoided.
The mountboard back is interesting being a glued top and bottom allowing the print to be pushed in from either side. This board can be rather stiff than normal which holds the picture in place but with a little care and practice things very quickly speed up.

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