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Your Price: £18.90
Landscape folder in white 14 x 11/ A4 pictures.
Part Number: fms1411A4landwhite
Availability: made to order
Feature: Acid Free 3 panels glued and hinged, not folded
Feature: Photograph inserts from either side
Feature: Hotfoil printed logos an option
Feature: Delivery by courier -well protected
Top of the class at Graduation..

Another star of the slip in folder show  from Carters Mounts. This is the one that rewards everybody who has acheived or will achieved, academic, social or sporting prowess however significant , low or high.
Step foward and take the limelight a 14 x 11 slip in folder to take an A4 certificate. This particular one , although shown in landscape is also manufactured in the upright format. Again made from the same high quality mountboard material , computer cut this is the one that university departments will take to give to graduates for graduation day. Always they are foiled blocked with crests and logos and they look fantastic.
Not for them the "fall over" slip in folders that every other company seems to have. These are hand made, hand finished and totally unique to each institution. Well worth a look.

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