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Black JAY strut assembly for the RAF foiled.


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Your Price: £10.90
Freestanding Black J ( Jay ) Strut 10 x 8 /7 x 5 . Landscape
Part Number: js10080705landblack
Availability: In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )
Feature: Acid Free Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
Feature: Picture slides in from the back
Feature: Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.
Very very popular landscape Carters Mounts black picture mount freestanding strut, outer size 10 x 8 for a 7 x 5 print. Backs on these are glued in place , just slide the photograph in from the left or right hand side. These are the ones to use where slightly more space is needed around the picture to give the picture more "air". These are taken in volume by a number of photographers who enhance them even more by hot foiling there address and contact details on the back panel. Useful ploy for gaining additional work.

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