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a Carters JAY strut landscape . Optional foiling


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Your Price: £12.90
Freestanding Black J ( Jay ) Strut 12x10/ 10 x 8. Landscape
Part Number: js12101008landblack
Availability: In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )
Feature: Acid Free Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
Feature: Picture slides in from the back
Feature: Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.
Along with the 10 x 8 pair of JAY struts this size is the real heavyweight of this style group. The freestanding 12 x 10 format can take a 10 x 8 or a 10 x 7 print option . This is the one for a 10 x 8 photographic or small painting . These are hand finished with the three individual computer cut elements hinged or glued together by hand and a totally unique option to the traditional "pop out" back strut option. These are much stiffer , they don't fall over and the perception of quality and uniqueness is perceptable. This is a landscape version although upright is also available to order.

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