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Your Price: £13.90
Mid sized 16 x 12 Carters Black picture mount shows of in detail your images.
Part Number: pp16121210black
Availability: In Stock-sold in packs of 10 with Bags
Feature: Acid Free Acid Free Board
Feature: Bevel Edge
Feature: Supplied with a clear self seal bag
Feature: Despatched by courier-well protected

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Picture Mount Stars..

A 16" x 12" picture mount is one of the most useful sizes for medium size prints, paintings or artwork that need a "finish" to make a saleable item or indeed to present to somebody else in a professional way. Picture frames are plenty on the market and the finished result, particularly if you take the option of a picture mount back as well, will show you have a serious intent not only to produce good work but once produced, present it well. I often think it's crazy to spend hours thinking and making an image then spoil it by not investing a couple of pounds to make sure its presented in the best possible light. Bad mounting can detract from the image in a big way.

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IN STOCK -sold in packs of 10 with Bags

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