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Keeping the Memory Alive -Carters  Heart Mounts
My daily work takes place in a small industrial unit deep in the English Lake District has been described at various times as a busy "Aladdins Cave" of hand finishing picture mount activity. Yet surrounded by picture mountboard , tape, glue,there are numerous pictures of my three grandchildren. There images beam out in stuck photocopies on every wall space every computer.

Two of them live on the other side of the world in New Zealand and one lives in Wales. These "little people " mean the world to me and they and their parents remind me why through all the long dark years of divorce, constant money struggles and life threatening illness I get going. Head down a relentless driven "force" to change the way we present printed images..

Last year on one cold Winter's day i was thinking of New Zealand and the children and the thought came to me that it would be nice to send them a mounted photograph of Moss the magnificent dark bay gelding ( more later on Moss ) who is owned by my partner and who is the company mascot.
Question was .. how do you tell them "You Love Them" when they don't read and write (yet).

So I played around and came up with the main heart shape and decorated it in red and white with different styled overlays. "Heart Mounts" .. Small, neat , light ( for posting ) unique with Carters JAY strut attachment, add one small photograph and in one easy way Grandad tells his grandchildren he loves them.

Then of course .. you can do the same thing.... send one to your partner... your parents.. your children can send one to you ..... across the world... America, Australia, ... New Zealand.... wow .. this could be fun..

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