Price: £4.99
sold in packs of 10 with backs and bags
  • Cut Style:White edged bevel cut
  • Bag Included:Yes at this size
  • Picture Mount Backs:Yes at this size


Bevel Cut


Made in the uk supplied with a bag


Delivery £3.99 per total order.
ACEO for the Pro and the Amateur Artist

At 5" X 4" outer size both the pro and the amateur can enjoy the fruits of the picture making labours quickly and successfully. When I started watercolour painting there were plenty of times when parts of the finished piece were technically rubbish and other parts just as I wanted them. Many ended up in the bin. Frustration levels were high as the costs of good quality watercolour paper mounted.
Perhaps if you are either of the above whatever you create that is not "just right" can be salvaged by picture mounting and distributing for sale pieces of the whole... certainly get your material cost back..ACEO picture mounts from Carters Mounts..

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