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Price: £4.99
A small picture mount 5" x 4" with bag and back to take ACEO ( Artist's Cards and Edition Collectables) size images 3.5" x 2.5". Made in Textured Snow White, available in Cream and plain White.
ID: aeco54ovallandtswhite
Availability: sold in packs of 10 with bags and backs
* Bevel Cut
* Made in the uk supplied with a bag
* Delivery £3.99 per total order.
ACEO  Picture Mounts for the next Leonardo ?

Imagine the work that this genius could have produced at 5" x 4" outer size and a 3.5 x 2.5 inch aperture... mmmthat's a lot of Sistine Chapel ceilings ..Perhaps though it's not the size or scale that matters too much in this case. Often forgotten ACEO size making lends itself particularly well as a rewarding pastime for our children. Inexpensive, disciplined certainly with control needed but hugely enjoyable as a family evening activity of say creating cards for togetherness  sparking imagination and creativity. Somewhere out there is the next... Leonardo..

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