Picture Mount Colours

The way to the Top .."Mount Perfection"..Carters

Shown below are Acid Free beautiful colours that range from the Classic Black or White to the subtle gentle weaves of Textured Snow/ Antique White or the day to day workman-like Pale Grey.

  • These are colours that are tried and tested by Carters over the years to provide a subtle enhancement to a variety of images whether be prints, paintings or photographs.

  • There arn't many and there is a reason for that. The workshop policy is to produce "invisible mounts" .. in other words your image is everything. The mounts just provide the resting space for the eye away from a cluttered world . No distractions... your image is everything..

  • A Carters Mount .. a resting place along the way to a visual heaven.. your image. Bespoke Colours available on request.