caterpillar-mount-3-panel-red (pk2)
Carters Caterpillar mIxed upright in red with optional foiling

caterpillar-mount-3-panel-red (pk2)

Price: £4.99
In Stock -sold in packs of 2
  • Caterpillar Details:This red three panel Carters Caterpillar mount has 5 x 4 /3.5 x 2.5 apertures for family photographs further customised and used as a Merry Christmas card from the children. Thes little designs fold flat for posting home and abroad and are available in mixed, oval or rectangular formats. Other designs are landscape orientated. Great fun for the children to put together.

Choose Options

Caterpillar -All ovals
Carters Caterpillar - All ovals
Caterpillar All Rectangles
Carters Caterpillar -All Rectangles


Bevel Cut with open back


Supplied Flat but all pieces joined.


Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.


Can be hotfoil printed for special days in gold or silver


"Caterpillar Mounts -Merry Christmas Grandad"..

When your grandchildren are another world away little snippets of "activity pictures" are worth there weight in gold. This little Christmas panel picture mount showcases just three little pictures 3.5" x 2.5" in a 5" x 12" format. Grandparents to receive or parents to send these little pieces can only bring tears of joy with your pictures included.
Overall size 12" x 5".

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