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Carters Caterpillar Mount mixed in Plain White
Carters Caterpillar Mount mixed in Plain White


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Price: £1.99
Caterpillar picture mounts in white for pictures of the children
ID: catm3panwhite
Availability: In Stock -sold with a bag
* Bevel Cut with open back
* Supplied Flat but all pieces joined.
* Delivery £3.99 per total order.
* Can be hotfoil printed for special days in gold or silver
* #carterscaterpillarmounts

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"Caterpillar Mounts-Merry Christmas Mummy and Daddy.."

Most two year olds ( if my memory serves me right) want to give something to mummy and daddy at Christmas. When you are two that can be very very tricky particularly when the dog is no help,so you need help from either mummy or daddy and perhaps a nice picture of you with mummy and daddy, or just mummy, or just daddy could do the trick. Perhaps in gold Merry Christmas on the front..