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caterpillar-mount-5-panel-grey (pk2)
Carters Caterpillar Mount with mixed upright panels in Pale Grey

caterpillar-mount-5-panel-grey (pk2)

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Price: £5.99
Caterpillar picture mounts to fit between the ornaments
ID: catm5pangrey
Availability: In Stock -sold in packs of 2
* Bevel Cut with open back
* Supplied Flat but all pieces joined.
* Delivery £3.99 per total order.
* Can be hotfoil printed for special days in gold or silver
* #carterscaterpillarmounts

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"Caterpillar Mounts-these Are the People of Your Life"

Most people at some point in there life know other people. Sometimes it's just the family , mum and dad, mum , the children, sometimes it's other people who make your heart smile with a warmth that's all encompassing . Often these people, the people around you are "snapped" and sometimes it's nice to have the results just about on the sideboard , by the bed where you can see them. These are not David Bailey snaps, just your little memories.
Carters panel mounts , this 5 panel one in particular  5" x 4 " panels with 3.5" x 2.5" apertures is perfect for assembling these memories to keep or give .. all you need is the scissors.. try a pack today..

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