caterpillar-mount-5-panel-grey (pk2)
Carters Caterpillar Mount with mixed upright panels in Pale Grey

caterpillar-mount-5-panel-grey (pk2)

Price: £5.99
In Stock -sold in packs of 2
  • Caterpillar Detail::Slightly bigger "Caterpillar" picture mount with 5 panels for 3.5 x 2.5 family pictures. These are available in mixed upright formats with full oval options available. Tape your pictures into place .. perhaps small parts of bigger pictures that are not just "right" and place on the sideboard between the ornaments. Great fun.

Choose Options

Caterpillar all oval option
Carters Caterpillar all ovals
Caterpillar All Rectangles
Carters Caterpillar All Rectangles


Bevel Cut with open back


Supplied Flat but all pieces joined.


Delivery £3.99 per total order.


Can be hotfoil printed for special days in gold or silver


"Caterpillar Mounts-these Are the People of Your Life"

Most people at some point in there life know other people. Sometimes it's just the family , mum and dad, mum , the children, sometimes it's other people who make your heart smile with a warmth that's all encompassing . Often these people, the people around you are "snapped" and sometimes it's nice to have the results just about on the sideboard , by the bed where you can see them. These are not David Bailey snaps, just your little memories.
Carters panel mounts , this 5 panel one in particular  5" x 4 " panels with 3.5" x 2.5" apertures is perfect for assembling these memories to keep or give .. all you need is the scissors.. try a pack today..

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