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Double Picture Mounts  12 X 10 - 10 X 7  print
Double Picture Mounts 12 X 10 - 10 X 7 print


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Price: £1.99
12 x 10 double mount for 10 x 7 print
ID: dm121007black
* Both top and bottom mounts cut the same size
* Mounts are glued together to show a 5mm site line
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
A slightly different aspect...

Double picture mounts 12 x 10 / 10 x 7 offer a slightly different proposition to the traditional 10 x 8 aperture . With the slightly elongated aperture they get nearer to the golden section ration of 0.6180 ..always a visual superstar .
Manufactured in 1400 micron mountboard, cut with state of the art computerised machinery, two mounts cut the same outer size and glued together have apertures that on top are 5mm wider on each side from the base. This gives these mounts visual depth and impact and make them slightly more dramatic than the single mount options.
Supplied with a clear both sides bag optional backs are available for purchase to complete a sale bag assembly without the need for the initial picture frame costs.