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Double Picture Mounts 14 X 11 - A4 print
Double Picture Mounts 14 X 11 - A4 print


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Price: £2.29
14 x 11 / A4 double certificate mounts
ID: dm1411A4black
* top and bottom mounts cut to the same size.
* Mounts are glued together to show a 5mm site line
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
Tell the world (and Teddy ) you are Brilliant !

At some point we all receive a certificate . My first one was the Cycling Proficiency Test in the 60's ( wow do they still do them ?) . All these years later we at Carters Mounts make hundreds and thousands of 14 x 11/ A4 certificate single and double mounts which when framed I guess hang proudly on office walls and hallways up and down the country.
Supplied with a bag these "Tell the World You are Brilliant " mounts are made from two pieces of identical sized mountboard, computer cut  , glued together to form a decent rigid assembly with depth and integrity.
Add the optional back and you have something that will stand the test of time in a cupboard or under the bed until such time as the little small people disturb them as they hunt for Teddy who is "lost". Then you will smile , dig them out and frame then .. and the original Carters Mount is still bright and pristine with a sharp bevel edge. ..mmmm what do we think Teddy ? Buy one perhaps ..