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Double Picture Mounts -16 X 12 -12X10 print
Double Picture Mounts -16 X 12 -12X10 print


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Price: £2.69
16 x 12 double mount for a 12 x 10 print
ID: dm16121210black
* top and bottom mounts cut to the same size.
* Mounts are glued together to show a 5mm site line
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
A good way to present for sale..

16 x 12 double mounts are a popular way of improving the presentation impact of mid sized images such as the ever useful 12 x 10 print. These are made from 1400 micron mountboard with both mounts cut to the same size and glued together. The aperture of the bottom one being cut 5mm all round smaller than the top to create the illusion of depth and solidity.
Supplied with a self seal clear bag and the optional addition of a picture mount back is the perfect way to put together a cost effective way of selling prints to the public without the need for a expensive picture framing.