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Double Picture Mounts 20 x 16 -16 x 12 print
Double Picture Mounts 20 x 16 -16 x 12 print


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Price: £2.99
20x16 Double Mount black on white
ID: dm201612black
* Top and bottom mounts cut to the same size.
* Mounts are glued together to show a 5mm site line
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
A 20 x 16 / 16 x 12 Black bevel edged double mount with a white mount underneath is very useful in presenting images with a greater depth and manner than just using a single mount..

Both boards are the same size, glued together with the white showing a striking 5mm sight line all round.
Double Mounts are used for the quality presentation of artists prints and photographs. There are many different colour combinations available which are available by request. If you would like to advise by e mail your requirment that would be useful. mailto:[email protected]