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Price: £1.89
A4 double picture mount with a 9 x 6 aperture
ID: dmA40906black
Availability: Stock made to order-48hrs
* top and bottom mounts cut to the same size.
* Mounts are glued together with a 5mm site line
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Delivery £3.99 per total order.
Useful A4 Option nearing Golden Section..

A double picture mount A4 with a 9 x 6 print aperture cut slightly less with a nicely proportioned aspect for smallish picture prints.  As with most of these double mount options they are made from acid free mountboard , precision cut and glued together with a 5mm site line.. created by the difference of the top and bottom apertures.

Supplied with a clear self seal bags and options for the purchase of picture mount backs. These are useful if you want to sell photographic prints without having the need to purchase picture frames.

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