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Family Tree Mount in Pale Grey with landscape and upright picture options


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Price: £2.49
Small family tree picture mount with centre spine 5" X 4" with "branches" to take small pictures of the family 3.5 x " x 2.5" . Perhaps to send to other family members.
ID: ftmountspalegrey
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* self standing splay feauture keeps stability
* open at the back to tape in pictures
* Std delivery is £3.99 per order.
This carters mounts family tree mount is constructed using a neutral pale grey and is perfect for presenting your favourite pictures of family pets, the cat, the dog or perhaps something larger by way of the horse. We have a number of the company mascot "Moss".

As before the "Tree" consists of four 5" x 4" outer size picture mounts with 3.5 x 2.5 " apertures hinged independantly to a centre spine. This construction allows each mount to swing freely in an arc although care has to be taken to maintain the stability of the assembly around the ornaments.

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