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Family-tree-mount-in-red-and-white Harlequin design
Family-tree-mount-in-red-and-white Harlequin design


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Price: £2.49
Harlequin family tree picture mount with centre trunk from which small family pictures can be displayed in the "branch" mounts.
ID: ftmountsredwhite
Availability: in stock
* self standing splay feauture keeps stability
* open at the back to tape in pictures
* Std delivery is £5.99 per order.
"A Carters Family Tree Mounts for Football Teams"

This particular Family Tree picture mount assembly opens up a wide range of possibilities only confined by imagination.  We've shown in this example a red and white combination of four 5" x 4" outer size, 3.5 x 2.5" apertures centred around a centre spine BUT it could be Blue and White, Red White and Blue and so on. 

The possibilities to put your favourite football teams and players on the mantelpiece are there !

Either way the little mounts swing independently through the 180 degree arc although great care has to be taken to maintain stability by "balancing" .