black-folders-A4-9x6 landscape
Black picture mount folder A4/ 9 x 6

black-folders-A4-9x6 landscape

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  • Black Folder Details::Useful Black folder size from Carters Mounts , A4 to take a 9 x 6 print ( cut slightly smaller to prevent print fall through ) . Foil blocking is an available option "in house" . Internal apertures acn also be modidied. Available landscape or upright formats.

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Buy A4 / 9 X 6 Black Folder upright
Buy A4 /9 X 6 Black Folder upright


3 tape hinged panels. Inner mount glued , not folded


Photograph inserts from either side


Gold silver printing available


Well packed courier delivery after manufacture
This is the second A4 outer size option from cartersmounts with the ever popular 9 x 6 aperture option. Attractive ratio for family photographs.  Available not only in black but white board as well and of course the ones being shown are all landscape but a telephone call to 015395 32815 could have them made in picture folder upright format

Folders are made to order, hand finished but all with the quality of the board in use to achieve a lasting result of quality that would allow any of these folders to be given to somebody else with the knowledge they would be liked. The thickness of the mountboard allows hot foil printing of logos and text if needed.

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