cartersmounts white-folders-8 x 6/ 6 x 4
carters mounts 8 x 6 /6 x 4 white folder

cartersmounts white-folders-8 x 6/ 6 x 4

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3 panels glued and hinged, not folded


Photograph inserts from either side


Gold silver printing available of logos and text


Well packed courier delivery
8 x 6 white folder collections..

This is the second of the small white picture mount folders at 8 x 6 for a 6 x 4 print. The last one will be the 9 x 7 version ( next). 
Constructed from 1400 micron eco friendly white core mountboard manufactured in the UK. Each of the three pieces , front panel, back and the internal mount are cut in volume . Then with great piles of each the individual pieces are joined together with acid free tape and trimmed. The internal mount is then glued into place in 90 degree clamps.
This one is in landscape orientation, although uprights are available.
These small ones are used often for classic postcard sale and resale , something like the Robert Opie collection of the White Star line.

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