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White Picture Mount Folder 10 x 8 -8 x 6 with optional Foiling
White Picture Mount Folder 10 x 8 -8 x 6 with optional Foiling

White Folder Mount 10 x 8-8 x 6

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Price: £1.36
Carters mounts White folder for a landscape print 10 x 8/ 8 x 6 size,
ID: fms10080806landwhite
Availability: In Stock
* 3 tape hinged panels. Inner mount glued , not folded
* Picture slides in from the side
* Hotfoil printed logos an option
* Delivery by courier -well protected
Foiling options for slip in folders..

One of the major sizes of slip in white folders the 10 x 8 outer size with a 8 x 6 aperture ( cut slightly less) this premium print presentation option for school, event, social or wedding applications is the market leader by volume and application. Along with it's alternative option 10 x 8 / 7 x 5 these white folders and mounts can be hot foil printed either with personal details or company logos and text.

Foil printing on most of these smaller mounts and folders can be placed under the main photograph inside , usually with a date and the name of the event. Usually the back panel will hotfoil print with contact details and the main front panel the company or event logo.
Slip in single folder mounts can be made in either portrait or landscape formats.

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