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White Picture Mount Folder 12 x 10 -10 x 7  with optional Foiling
White Picture Mount Folder 12 x 10 -10 x 7 with optional Foiling

White Folder Mount 12x10-10 x 7

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Price: £1.59
Carters mounts Landscape folder in white 12 x 10/ 10 x 7 pictures.
ID: fms12101007landwhite
Availability: In Stock
* 3 panels glued and hinged, not folded
* Photograph inserts from either side
* Can be hotfoil printed
* Well packed courier delivery
Folder Product Heaven for sales and marketing..

A very useful and popular size from the 12 x 10 slip in folder series. This one has the aperture for a 10 x 7 print and the second one , shown next has the more frequent 10 x 8.
Both folders provide the opportunity to showcase in a professional way medium size prints which when positioned and mounted look terrific , definitely taken to a new level and so much more in perception than the classic "fall down" cheaper versions with the printed gold line. These have a nice sharp. crisp bevel white cut repeated everytime by computer .
Again made from the stiffer acid free mountboard these are widely used , usually in conjuction with 8 x 6 or 9 x 7 folder options by the sales and marketing companies to promote a venue or activity that people or participants might appreciate a company memento at the end of proceedings.
Exceptional value and more often than not custom made to order in every aspect.

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