cartersmounts white-folders-12x10/10x8
carters mounts 12 x 10 white folder aperture for a 10 x 8 print

cartersmounts white-folders-12x10/10x8

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3 panels glued and hinged, not folded


Picture slides in from the back side


Can be hotfoil printed


Well packed courier delivery
A Jewel in the sky of slip in folder heaven..

This has to the jewel of any slip in folder option.. step foward 12 x 10 to take the universally accepted and enjoyed 10 x 8 print. The absolute bees knees of print sizes at the small/ medium presentation level. A Carters Mounts slip in folder at this size is a magnificent beast of cardboard engineering often embellished with gold , silver or indeed black hot foil printing on the covers or internally under the photograph is in a class of it's own.
This little beauty is made from the best 1400 micron mountboard, computer cut to produce individual panels and then through long nights hand finished, joined with acid free tape to form a folder and then lovingly the internal mount glued into place in 90 degree clamps.
There are people everywhere who have a record of a lovely day from the past mounted in a Carters Mounts slip in 12 x 10 white folder.. try one today.

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