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White  Picture Mount Folder A4 - 9 X 6 with optional Foiling
White Picture Mount Folder A4 - 9 X 6 with optional Foiling

White Folder Mount A4 -9 X 6

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Price: £1.46
Carter smounts White folder for a landscape print A4 9 x 6 size,
ID: fmsA40906landwhite
Availability: In Stock
* 3 tape hinged panels. Inner mount glued , not folded
* Photograph inserts from either side
* Gold silver printing available
* Delivered by courier after manufacture
A stability above the rest..

Slip in folder sized A4 for a 9 x 6 print is the second option available in this range the other being the one with the aperture or a 8 x 6 photograph.
It has all the hallmarks of a Carters Mounts folder assembly being made like the others of 1400 micron mountboard and white core acid free at that. It's construction follows the same lines being three individual computer cut sections which are hand joined with acid free tape and the internal mount then glued in place insidethe covers for the print to be positioned in.
With using mountboard as against the thinner normal folder material used by all the other suppliers the rigidity of the structure ensures stability, a class finish and with foil blocking of text and logos the ability to create something unique and custom to the assignment at hand be it an event shoot, a schools session or indeed a wedding.

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