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Black photo strut-14 x 11 -12 x8 landscape
Black photo strut-14 x 11 -12 x8 landscape

Black Strut Mount 14 x 11-12 x 8 landscape

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Price: £1.49
Cartersmounts Black J ( JAY ) Strut 14 x 11 / 12 x 8. Landscape
ID: js14111208landblack
Availability: In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )
* Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
* Picture slides in from the back
* Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.
The slightly larger 14 x 11 landscape picture strut mount format to take a 12 x 8 print. This is the last of the medium sized JAY strut formats that are available other than special order. The same construction materials, the same level of quality hand finishing offer the opportunity to present a medium sized image in a professional manner in such a way that it can "freestand" without the need for a picture frame. Having said that the strut can be taken off with a knife and the resulting assembly just slots into a standard 14 x 11 picture frame size.  The second option takes a A4 certificate .. ( next product)

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In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )