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Black photo strut-12x 10 -10 x 8 upright
Black photo strut-12x 10 -10 x 8 upright

Black Strut Mount 12 x 10 -10 x 8 upright

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Price: £1.29
Cartersmounts Black J ( JAY ) Strut 12x10/ 10 x 8. Upright
ID: js12101008upblack
* Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
* Picture slides in from the back
* Delivery cost £3.99 per total order.
This is the second Freestanding JAY strut picture mount option at the 12 x 10 outer size. This is the 12 x 10 to take a 10 x 8 print upright version print or small painting , usually a watercolour. Computer cut but hand finished with acid free tape and a PVA wood glue the three pieces that make up this assembly are unique in construction and engineered  to fit perfectly to create a quality firm assembly without a "pop out " back. The golden section side "J profile" creates a smooth gentle curve of grace against the sharp 90 degree angled corners and bevels that make the finished strut mount.

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