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White JAY strut optional foiling
White JAY strut optional foiling


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Price: £1.29
Freestanding White J ( Jay ) Strut 12x10/ 10 x 7. Upright
ID: js12101007upwhite
Availability: In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )
* Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
* Picture slides in from the back
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
"Strut your stuff in the upright .."

This then the upright variation of a 12 x 10/ 10 x 7 White strut mount for school activities, large family groups and perhaps the larger longer group formats for sales and marketing conferences. This one though with it being upright tends to lend it self better to small "detail " groups of the larger whole.

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In Stock - ( Sold in Pks of 10 )