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White JAY strut optional foiling
White JAY strut optional foiling


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Price: £0.79
Freestanding White J ( Jay ) Strut 8 X 6 / 6 X 4 print. Upright
ID: js08060604upwhite
* Hinged /Glued Boards and Strut
* Picture slides in from the back
* Delivery cost £5.99 per total order.
Need a small strut picture mount for "standing up" photographs ?

Freestanding White Strut Mount , upright orientation 8 x 6 / 6 x 4 print format, perfect when the children or family all around you are much bigger than you . At last a way of presenting pictures where the heads and feet can be shown .. a Carters Mounts picture strut mount.. and the all important word.. upright !

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