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To Buy 12 x 10 Mounts with Backs as well..
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Acid Free Board


Bevel Edge


Supplied with a clear self seal bag


Despatched by courier-well protected
Picture Mounting -A Clever Alternative

This is the second standard aperture bevel cut picture mount option at 12 x10/ 10 x 7 for the slightly wider photographic print, almost panoramic .
Used widely this is a "forgiving" mount option if this is a first venture into mounting, preparing and then eventually selling your work. "Forgiving " in the sense that you have a little more lee way than the 10" x 8" aperture to cover any weak areas of the image that just are not quiet right for baring all for retail sale.

Most painters, photographers , people who create images for a living always have areas within the picture that they think could be better . If you are very lucky and they are towards the edge as I say this can be a way of removing the offending area by using a picture mount.
Picture frames widely available and with the addition of picture backing board this size can actually be used for immediate sale because Carters Mounts include a clear both sides bag in the purchase.

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