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To Buy 14 x 11 Mounts with Backs as well
To Buy 14 x 11 Mounts with Backs as well.. [+£0.75]


Acid Free Board


Bevel Edge


Supplied with a clear self seal bag


Despatched by courier-well protected
Picture Mount Pathfinders find a way in ...

The start of the ever popular sized 14 x 11 picture mount whose primary function in life is to present for all to see our achievments in the form of certificates, diplomas and hard won degrees. Yes this is the mount, a 14x 11 that takes an A4 or 12 x 8 piece of paper , the stuff of legend that the majority of our efforts are recorded on. These can be foiled in gold,silver , black in volume and in different styles. Supplied with a bag but the back is an optional extra.

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