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Cream-picture-mount-A4 -8X6 print
Cream-picture-mount-A4 -8X6 print

Cream Mount A4 -8 X 6

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Price: £0.89
A popular Carters Mounts Cream A4 with a 8 x 6 print. Easily framed with online picture frames
ID: ppA40806cream
Availability: In Stock-sold in packs of 10 with Bags
* Made from Acid Free Board
* White Bevel Edge
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Despatched by courier-well protected

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Bevel cut picture mount in cream A4 size with a 8 x 6 aperure supplied with a clear self seal strip bag and sold in packs of 10 mounts. Perfect for small prints or paintings and on line picture frames for this mount to be inserted in are widely available.

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