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Textured Snow White-picture-mount-10x8-8x6 print
Textured Snow White-picture-mount-10x8-8x6 print

Tex Snow White Mount 10 x 8 -8 x 6

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Price: £0.71
10 X 8 picture mount for a 8 x 6 print
ID: pp10080806texsnwhite
Availability: In Stock-sold in packs of 10 with Bags
* Bag Included ?
* Yes, clear self seal.
* Cut Style
* Bevel Cut in AF Board

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Picture mounts online have 10 x 8 as popular size for taking 8 x 6 prints . Universally used and easy to find picture frames for in department stores,garden centres and the like. Bevel cut aperture cut slightly smaller to prevent print falling through.

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IN STOCK-sold in packs of 10 with Bags