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White-picture-mount-10X8/8 X 6 print
White-picture-mount-10X8/8 X 6 print

White Mount 10x8/7x5

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White 10 x 8 for a 7 x 5 print . Nice space around the image with this one.
ID: pp10080705white
Availability: Out of Stock.
* Made from Acid Free board.
* White Bevel Edge
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Despatched by courier-well protected

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If you visited the 10 x 8/ 8 x 6 print picture mount page this particular mount aperture is for the equally popular 7 x 5 print which has the added benefit of wider borders around the print creating more visual space for the picture to breathe. Great effect for practioners who enjoy the look and style of  light and air around there images.. Again hugely popular and plenty of ready made picture frames available on line.

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