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White-picture-mount-12X10/10X8 print
White-picture-mount-12X10/10X8 print

White Mount 12 x10/10x8

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Price: £0.99
A mid sized Carters White picture mount for a 10 x 8 print
ID: pp12101008white
* Made from Acid Free Board
* White Bevel Edge
* Supplied with a clear self seal bag
* Despatched by courier-well protected

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A white picture mount 12 x 10 to take a standard 10 x 8 photographic print or small painting for picture framing is usefully supplied with a clear polypropylene bag. Bevel cut from acid free material and manufactured in the Lake District. Supplied in economical packs of 10 picture mounts. It is also possible to purchase as an optional extra, backing boards to make a complete mounted print for immediate retail sale. 

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