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In Stock-sold in packs of 10 with Bags
  • Cut Style:Bevel edged
  • Bag Included:Yes included in price
  • Delivery Cost:£3.99 per order
  • Delivery Method:By courier and well protected

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To Buy 10 x 8 Mounts with Backs
Add 10 x 8 backs with mounts [+£0.51]


Made from Acid Free Board


White Bevel Edge


Supplied with a clear self seal bag


Despatched by courier-well protected
Carters Picture Mounts 10 x 8 outer size comes with two variations of  aperture sizes 8 x 6 (this one) and the smaller 7 x 5 (next) aperture making up the pair. The 7 x 5 has slightly wider borders giving the impression of more space around the picture image which can be useful sometimes. Both have ready made picture frames widely available. Both are made from a quality acid free 1400 micron mountboard so the bevel will stay white and both come with a self seal bag. Sold in useful packs of 10.

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